With most people aware of the amazing effects associated with guided meditation, it is no surprise that more and more people are picking up the practice. Knowing where to start mat prove challenging for any beginner. Life has however been made easier through the development of guided meditation apps over the years. Here is a compilation of some of the best guided meditation apps in 2016. Please note that the ranking/arrangement is random.

  1. Buddhify

With over 80 different guided meditation tracks of times ranging from 5-30 minutes, Buddhify is a life-changer. Its tracks are specified for many different situations whether it is for sleeping or while you are travelling. At a small fee, you can have the app on your phone in no time.

  1. Headspace

This free app is perfect for beginners. Using levels, their level 1 course has 10 minute long sessions to get you started. As you become better at meditation, you can then buy a subscription that lets you access other levels. Best of all, it has a personalized progress page and a buddy system where friends can motivate each other.

  1. Calm

This app is best known for its seven-day sleep program targeted at people struggling with insomnia. In addition to being free, it has multiple unguided and guided sessions. With time, you can choose to purchase the 21-day program subscription for an even better experience.

  1. Sattva

This free app is perfect for tracking your progress. With features like guided meditations and chants, challenges and rewards, a mood tracker and heart rate monitor, Sattva is undoubtedly one of the best advanced meditation timers in the market. Moreover, you can even connect with a community of like-minded individuals practicing mindfulness and meditation.

  1. Take a Break

With features for long and short meditation breaks, this simple app allows users to take quick and uncomplicated stress-relieving breaks. Moreover, you can select whether to have music or not. Best of all, the Take a Break app is completely free for iPhone and android users.

  1. Smiling Mind

This app is easy to use and above all, has programs perfect for all ages. Aiming to increase compassion and happiness to the world, this free app makes meditation easy for everyone, beginners and experts.

  1. Relax Melodies

This app was designed to foster relaxation and help insomniacs. It contains calming music and sounds for relaxation whether in massage sessions, yoga or just resting. Relax Melodies is therefore best for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Omvana

Omvana’s collection of meditation music and guided sessions with meditation experts makes it one of the top apps this year. It allows you to select the length of your session, from 3-60 minutes. In addition to being free, this app has a background music mixer where you can create mixes for your perfect session.

Other honorable mentions include Meditation Timer Pro, Mindfulness and MINDBODY Connect. With so many apps out there, you need not struggle as a mediation beginner.