Master The Art Of Meditation, Master Your Life

Everyone meditates. It’s before work, before class, during gym, after a meal, even during our 10minute tea break. Why do we do it? There are numerous benefits to it, that’s why! Over and over, the power of the mind has proven mind-blowing, no pun intended. But now that we want to actually practice, how exactly do you choose what’s best for you? There are thousands of ways to do it, narrowing down to one can be a pain. Sure you want to quiet your mind, but you don’t want to waste precious time while finding the right location, posture or technique. There’s a test here. What works for you? That is the query that will guide you.

Tips And Toes To A Good Life

We have all heard testimonies of people discovering how unruly their minds actually are and you crave that. You want to explore the deep and dark paths of your memories and thoughts, maybe find something you had lost. But when starting out, you may not get this exactly. Don’t worry, don’t beat yourself up. A great start-up tip would be to start small. Three to ten minutes of your time a day can do wonders. This is even perfect for those with a busy schedule. If you are back to back booked in, this is a great tip. Maximize on your free time with a bit of silence, relaxation and joy.

Posture is everything in meditation and finding a comfortable position will go a long way for you in terms of how deep your meditation will actually be. So whether it’s on a floor cross-legged or on a chair upright. If you don’t find that sweet spot, meditation might be an issue, as your mind will eventually drift off to the unknown, or just a memory. That’s not meditation, that’s a planned daydreaming session.

Breaths, this is the whole foundation of mediation. The number of breaths, the intervals and pace, determine the fruits you will reap off this meditation. This is a great way to anchor yourself in the present moment, not to drift off or get lost in your mind. This may sound like something from a Sherlock Holmes movie, but it could happen. Counting your breaths also comes in handy. You can count in a loop say one to four. If you reach forty, you have strayed way too far from your thoughts.

Another thing with meditation’s that it’s not forced. Don’t try to clear your head on purpose. Just drift away from the mantra. There is no need to forcefully empty your mind, it’s in your nature to be carried away. At some point, you won’t even be aware your attention has glided away. That’s the spot! Namaste!